♥Your Final Breath Is My Possesion♥

"People Fear What they Don't Understand"
-Chris Motionless
I am Miranda I am 18 and I love horror films and art. I sing and write poetry also stories on rare occasions. I am a very nice person to some, I can be very..VERY sarcastic but please don't let that fool you. feel free to follow me even ask some questions.. I don't bite ;D
Crawl On Me
Sink Into Me
Die For Me
Living Dead Girl
- Rob Zombie♥


"This is madness! We can’t, we just can’t… choose me. You can’t let them all die. Choose me."

"I can’t do that, Elliot."


when i’m mad at my bf, i cheat on him in my kingdom in fable 3.


Teach me how to be a Hero!”



Parker Cannon vs. Security Guard [x]

Protect the fans. You go, Parker.

(via lullaby-of-chloroform-perfume)

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